Food Illustration

by Michael Bast

Pineapples are Cool

I have always thought pineapples were interesting, so being up against a deadline for an ad in The Workbook I chose a pineapple drawn from one my wife brought home from the store. But like most pineapples, the proportions were a little outlandish for my...

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A Great Opportunity-Almost

When I was a young concept artist at Source inc. in Chicago, we revered Joe Duffy's work on Classico pasta sauce. In the world of maximum shelf impact pop, this design stood out for its beautiful illustrative design and muted color pallet. It certainly was...

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Iconic Illustration Works!

In 2000 Hidden Valley needed a makeover. I was asked to paint an idealized sunlit farm valley & sky, with (17) flavor icons. For 11 years the (valley) has defined the brand and ranch dressing in general. This was a bit of work I did to show the...

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A Dream Job for Me

My wife would always hold up a Celestial Seasonings tea package and say, "honey you should be doing work for them". I would say, "yep, that would be the coolest". Thank God He heard my prayer and they called me and said they had wanted to work with me for...

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Food & Wine Event Poster

This poster image was created for an event in Palm Desert CA showcasing famously talented chefs and wine curators. I even was privileged enough to travel there, eat & drink and sign my posters. It is a large painting I did digitally in Painter, but...

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Tea for the Diet-Conscious

This illustration was created for Celestial Seasoning Tea Co. The goal was to make an appetizing image while suppressing it if that makes sense.

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