A dream job for me

My wife would always hold up a Celestial Seasonings tea package and say, “honey you should be doing work for them”. I would say, “yep, that would be the coolest”. Thank God He heard my prayer and they called me and said they had wanted to work with me for years. The opportunity came when they rebranded the package design and needed a less narrative and more flavor driven illustration.

The narrative part was still very much a part of the look they were after. Hibiscus is a main ingredient in the tea, so I came up with this hibiscus island concept. The background was to be universal to all of the flavors.

This was the first pencil drawing I did and simplified it a little in the final.


3 thoughts on “A dream job for me”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful! I don’t know if we have these flavours of Celestial Seasonings tea in New Zealand, but I’ll check next time I’m in the supermarket – I would buy one just for the packet. I found your website through looking at Corel Painter, where some of your work is featured in their gallery. Do you solely use Corel Painter on projects like this? Or switch between applications? I’m guessing you use a tablet? Thanks for sharing your work online! 🙂

    1. I have used Corel painter for 23 years. It was the first application that turned my head and got me interested in computers. Before that computers didn’t seem like something I should concern my self with. Having done my work with acrylic paints airbrush and gouaches. Although a pencil and paper serves me quite well in establishing what I would like to do still.

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