Food & Wine Event Poster

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This poster image was created for an event in Palm Desert CA showcasing famously talented chefs and wine curators. I even was privileged enough to travel there, eat & drink and sign my posters. It is a large painting I did digitally in Painter, but like everything I do, drawings had to be made, so here are some of them.

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This was my first swing at it, the client was unsure how much event info would be put on the poster, however, the client wanted to include a wine bottle so something drastic had to be done.

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Along the way, the idea of weaving the event info into the composition with a focus on food elements was done. All of my drawings were drawn separately and composed digitally.


1 thought on “Food & Wine Event Poster

  1. rbirkey says:

    I like how you are showing the process and not just the final art. Very educational and informative.


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