iconic illustration works!

In 2000 Hidden Valley needed a make over. I was asked to paint an idealized sun lit farm valley & sky, with (17) flavor icons. For 11 years the (valley) has defined the brand and ranch dressing in general.

This was a bit of work I did to show the development process I go through to paint an illustration. Just look at those old crts in my photo, and no gray hair ether.

I am thankful for the many things I learned with this project. It helped me define a style of illustration that was colorful, dramatic & appetizing. It also let me do a landscape inspired by Edwin Frederic Church. His work has given me a great love for landscape.





4 thoughts on “iconic illustration works!”

  1. Michael, I have long been a fan of Hidden Valley’s product and curious of the illustration on their packaging. I love it all the more now seeing a glimpse of the artist behind the art.
    I love your work. Keep it up.
    Nate Eaton

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